The Ghost of Canyon Camp (Book 1)

The Ghost of Canyon Camp (Book 1)

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Yellowstone National Park is a place of wonderment. From geysers, like Old Faithful to the Artist’s Paint Pots of boiling, bubbling mud, there is nowhere else on earth like it. Animals abound such as bison, deer, elk, bears, and wolves in Hayden and La Mar Valleys. Hiking, horseback riding, and exploring are favorite pastimes. Untold adventure awaits the four cousins in Yellowstone!

The four cousins Kate, Emma, Harrison, and Parker were so excited about spending their vacation together in Yellowstone at Canyon Camp. They had been planning this trip for over a year, and now it was really happening. They would be camping, horseback riding, and exploring caves and the wonders of Yellowstone. Little did they know the mystery and danger that awaited them.

When they arrived at Canyon Camp and settled into their log cabin, they noticed that some of their belongings seemed to disappear from where they had placed them. Parker couldn’t find his superhero lunch box! His dad’s sweatshirt was not where he had left it. A search of the area proved fruitless. What was going on?

Emma has a strange feeling that they are being watched as she gazes into the deep woods surrounding their cabin. It makes her skin crawl, and Harrison sees strange lights in the forest at night. Only Parker, with his ever vigilant dog, Penny, at his side, sleeps undisturbed.

At their campsite a few days later, close to the Whispering Caves, Kate, Emma and Harrison see a scary creature sneaking by their tent in the middle of the night. They tell their parents and the rangers, but no one can discover who or what it might have been.

The four cousins decide to explore the Whispering Caves on their own the next afternoon without telling their parents. Emma, who senses things about to happen, had felt the presence of someone there, hiding and waiting when they had visited the cave the previous day with their parents and the ranger.

Kate, Emma’s older sister, is the sleuth of the group of cousins. She leads them to the cave for what she thinks is a short visit. Penny, Harrison and Parker’s faithful dog, accompanies them. However, a fierce storm breaks out, and they become trapped in the cave by a grizzly and her cub seeking shelter. They send Penny for help. Here, they come face-to-face with the Ghost of Canyon Camp who saves them and leads them through harrowing adventures in the cavern. They learn the true meaning of trusting in God, helping others, and how important it is to listen and to obey your parents.